Monday, December 13, 2010

evan rose

have i ever mentioned my longtime best bud, evan?

this is him.

he was my very first friend in college, and we bought lottery tickets together on a regular basis, ate a lot of chinese food, and made collages. we were roommates for a couple years, and now we live in different cities. sometimes, especially when steven is out of town, i just wish evan could come over and hang out. there aren't a lot of people who i'm comfortable just sitting around with. evan has been to chicago to visit us a couple times and seemed to like it here.  i miss him a lot.  maybe someday we will live in the same city again.

evan has an amazing blog that i've been meaning to mention for a while. his posts are always thoughtful and interesting, and fairly frequent.

he's very talented, very clever, and very wonderful - and today, he is one year older!

go wish him a happy birthday!

*around when we first met, evan told me this elaborate story about how he had two middle names, and one of them was rose. evan rose robert. he had a reason behind the name rose - he was supposedly named after someone (i can't remember who). anyway, i believed it for a long time. it's not true, but in my head it's real.

1 comment:

  1. he looks like one bad-ass dude. not.

    thanks, meredith. this is maybe the sweetest thing anyone has done for me ever in all of history.